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Mentor Opportunity

We are looking for mentors to begin a program to help families whose children are in the foster care system. 

First, we need people who are willing to supervise visits. 

1/8 Sunday -  Informational meeting 9:30am

1/29 Saturday - Training to supervise visits 9am - 12pm (Lunch afterward)

The families that we will supervise will not be new to the Foster system. They will have progressed to the point where they are getting more visitation rights and DFS needs help to supervise their visits. Our prayer is to work into a mentor-type program with these families. To help them know Christ and to follow Him. DFS is open to us offering such a program where families can sign up to be mentored in our program. The future goal would be where the couples or individuals would come to church on a specific night, hear a teaching and then break off with their mentor to discuss and make a plan. The mentor would then contact them during the week to encourage them.  

To be a part of this ministry you will have to go through a 3-hour training and have a background check. Please sign up below for the informational meeting or if you know already that you would like to be a part please sign up for the training in January.

Letter from DFS

Connecting Families

Social Service Agencies are collaborating with the Faith-Based Community to bring families together in a comfortable, consistent, safe, and supportive environment. Together we can improve the quality of visits between children and their families, creating positive memories.

Why do we need help?

There are over 400 children in foster care in Franklin, Gasconade, and Osage county. When children enter care, the goal is usually to reunify with their parents. With this number in care, it has become difficult to provide comfortable physical space for children to visit with their parents. It is also a large number of hours for workers to supervise visits. This and meeting with their families to access the progress they are making can often be very time-consuming. This is where you can help support your community and families by allowing visits to take place in the comfort of your facility with the members providing appropriate supervision.

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